This is the homepage for PHIL 871 – Kant’s Critical Philosophy.

This course provides an intensive study of the metaphysical, epistemological, and moral doctrines of Kant’s mature “critical” philosophy. Our discussion covers three central themes of Kant’s work: his conception of the nature and limits of the rational mind; his critique of traditional metaphysics; and his conception of morality as the expression of one’s rational agency. Specific topics covered include: the limits of human knowledge; the role of the mind in the production of experience; the reality of space and time; the nature of matter; reason and its ability to critique itself; knowledge of the self; freedom of the will; the objectivity of morality; the existence of God; the afterlife of the soul; the status of metaphysics; and the relationship between ’appearances’ and ’ultimate reality’

The course syllabus is available here: PDF | HTML